Mastery Approaches to Teaching Maths

Small schools often have mixed-age classes and this provides additional challenges and opportunities when developing mastery approaches to teaching maths. This open access research review journal paper considers the research base on mixed age teaching and how that aligns to mastery approaches to teaching maths. Available open access at:

A collaborative research project with Andy Ash and primary teachers in the north-west led to two open access research journal papers and a professional develop video lesson resource:

Boyd, P. & Ash, A. (2018) Mastery Mathematics: Changing teacher beliefs around in-class grouping and mindset. Teaching and Teacher Education, 75: 214-223. Available at:

Boyd, P. & Ash, A. (2018) Teachers framing exploratory learning within a text-book based Singapore Maths mastery approach. Teacher Educator Advancement Network Journal 10(1): 62-73. Available at:

Open access video lesson resource for your professional development activities. A flexible resource with weblinks to two open access lesson videos by teacher researchers in the project. Available at:

Working with school-based NNW Maths Hub specialists Rebecca Davies and Mark Moody, we developed the MA2M+ (Mastery Approaches to Maths) website as part of professional development work with schools in North Cumbria. The site includes open access resources for school-based development of mastery approaches at as well as open access resources on collective school leadership to manage change in practice at

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