Pete Boyd

Education Consultant

Professor of Professional Learning at University of Cumbria

New BERA blog post and related provocative paper:

Post Truth Teachers: BERA blog post available at: https://www.bera.ac.uk/blog/post-truth-teachers

Pete Boyd (2022) ‘Teachers developing research-informed practice in the post-truth world’. Research in Teacher Education, Vol 12(No.1). Available at:¬†https://www.uel.ac.uk/sites/default/files/21572.pdf

Google scholar profile showing scholarly and research publications and citations: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=7gL1StwAAAAJ&hl=en

I work through teaching, consultancy and research mentoring to support the development of research-informed teaching by educators in universities and in schools. I am an academic and a teacher educator but previously taught in high schools and in residential outdoor education. My work includes both higher education and school education contexts. I draw on theory and research but focus on supporting practice that works in the real world. My current work includes:

Working with AdvanceHE ‘Degree Standards’ Project providing online workshops for academics focused on assessment and grading student work.

Working with the NNW Maths Hub on action research with school teachers focused on mastery approaches to teaching mathematics with diverse pupils and mixed-age classes.

Doctoral supervision and contributing through keynotes, presentations, workshops and online courses in academic development and teacher education.

I am interested to collaborate as an external consultant with teaching teams developing assessment and feedback in higher education. I am also interested in acting as research mentor in collaborative action research projects with teachers.