I have enjoyed a lifelong love of mountaineering and other mountain sports including rock-climbing, ski touring and mountain-biking. I am a qualified mountain instructor and a member of the Alpine Club and the Eagle Ski Club. I live in the Lake District National Park in England which is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe, small but perfectly formed. I have climbed many summits via relatively easy routes in the European Alps, especially in the Mont Blanc range. In my youth I enjoyed mountaineering trips with friends to Nepal, India, Pakistan, Peru and New Zealand. Recently, but before the pandemic, I returned to some far off adventures with ascents of 6000m trekking peaks in Bolivia and in Ladakh, India, with my friend Jaime, and a ski-touring trip visit to my son George who is currently based in British Columbia, Canada. I have recently bought an old campervan which has helped with recent low budget trips to the Alps to climb with my son George.

Our routes included traverse of the Purtscheller, South Ridge of the Lagginhorn, Gaspard Premier, Traverse of the Perrons, and NNE Ridge of the Aiguille De L’M.

Being in the mountains is probably an important spiritual element of my life but I have never seriously developed my thinking around that. Meanwhile I enjoy a range of adventure activities, with an uncertain outcome, for all sorts of complex reasons, including simple fun, making close friends, exploring new places and an element of competitiveness. There is a link between my outdoor activities and my work in education, which is my motto ‘No risk, no learning’. This applies to adventures in education and in the outdoors.

The ice is gone but the weather has been great for mountain biking.

Ice climbing (local exercise) in the Lake District…
George booting up to a ski-tour summit somewhere in British Columbia in March 2020. I think I caught the virus on the plane on the way home from this brilliant powder highway tour.
Pete on the summit of Kang Yatze II a straight forward trekking peak at 6250m as a side trip from the outstanding Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh. Just the two of us on the mountain on a beautiful day, although we left base camp at 11pm to reach the summit at 7am.
aiming high in education
Summit pyramid of Pequena Alpaymayo 5400m Bolivia – a popular peak but we made tracks and climbed this beautiful mountain with just the two of us…
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