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Pete Boyd: Higher Education (including initial teacher education)

My current collaborative projects with higher education teachers and researchers are centred on developing practice through collective leadership at programme level with recent focus on enhancing assessment and feedback and on strengthening the ‘research teaching knowledge exchange nexus’ meaning building links between taught programmes and the research and consultancy work of academics. I am interested in consultancy work in academic development including international work.

My publications related to academic development in higher education are below, including several with open access links:

Boyd, P., Murray, J. & White, L. (2021) Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for induction (3rd Edition). York: Advance HE.

Harness, S. & Boyd, P. (2021) Academic identities and their deployment within tutorials (2021) International Journal of Educational Research 108: 101777.

Stuart, K., Bunting, M., Boyd, P., Cammack, P., Hornbæk Frostholm, P., Thore Graveson, D., Hølvig Mikkelsen, S., Moshuus, G. & Walker, S. (2019) Developing an equalities literacy for practitioners working with children, young people and families through action research.  Educational Action Research. Online First.

Boyd, P. (2016) Realistic Clinical Practice: Proposing an inquiry-based pedagogy for teacher education, in Pete Boyd & Agnieszka Szplit (Eds.) Student Teachers Learning Through Inquiry: International Perspectives. Kraków: Attyka. Available at https://goo.gl/BYrsPw

Boyd, P. & Smith, C. (2016) The Contemporary Academic: orientation towards research and researcher identity of higher education lecturers in the health professions. Studies in Higher Education, 41 (4), 678-695.

Boyd, P., Smith, C. & Beyaztas, D. (2015) Hyper-Expansive Academic Workplaces: the case of UK lecturers in Nursing and Midwifery. International Journal for Academic Development,20 (1), 18-32.

Boyd, P. & Bloxham, S. (2014) A situative metaphor for teacher learning: the case of university tutors learning to grade student coursework. British Educational Research Journal, 40 (2), 337-352.

Lopes, A., Boyd, P., Andrew, N. & Pereira, F. (2014) The research-teaching nexus in nurse and teacher education: contributions of an ecological approach to academic identities in professional fields. Higher Education, 68 (2), 167-183.

Boyd, P. (2013)Professional Education: resolving tensions around the value of different types of knowledge in teacher and nurse education. In Amelia Lopes (Ed.) Formação inicial de professores e de enfermeiros: identidades e ambientes / Initial education of teachers and nurses: identities and environments. Lisboa: Mais Leituras.

Boyd, P. & Tibke, J. (2012) Being a school-based teacher educator: developing pedagogy and identity in facilitating work-based higher education in a professional field. Practitioner Research in Higher Education, 6 (2), 41-57. Available at

Bloxham, S. & Boyd, P. (2012) Accountability in grading student work: securing academic standards in a twenty-first century quality assurance context. British Educational Research Journal, 38 (4), 615-634.

Smith, C. & Boyd, P. (2012) Becoming an Academic: The reconstruction of identity by recently appointed lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 49 (1), 63-72.

Boyd, P., Harris, K. & Murray, J. (2011)  Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for induction (2nd Ed.).  ESCalate, Higher Education Academy: Bristol. Available at http://insight.cumbria.ac.uk/id/eprint/1349/   (the 1st edition of this publication won the Sage / BERA prize for Practitioner Research 2009).

Bloxham, S., Boyd, P. & Orr, S. (2011) Mark my words: the role of assessment criteria in UK higher education grading practices. Studies in Higher Education, 36 (6): 655-670.

McNamara, O., Boyd, P., Jones, M., Murray, J., Qasim, S. & Stanley, G. (2011) Initial Teacher Education Annual Self Evaluation: Review of the SED. Universities Council for Education of Teachers.

Boyd, P. (2010) Academic induction for professional educators: supporting the workplace learning of newly appointed lecturers in teacher and nurse education. International Journal for Academic Development 15 (2), 155-165.

Boyd, P. & Harris, K. (2010) Becoming a university lecturer in teacher education: expert school teachers reconstructing their pedagogy and identity.  Professional Development in Education 36 (1-2), 9-24.

Boyd, P. & Lawley, L. (2009)  Becoming a Lecturer in Nurse Education: The work-place learning of clinical experts as newcomers. Learning in Health and Social Care 8(4), 292-300.

Boyd, P., Smith, C., Lee, S., MacDonald, I. (2009) Becoming a Health Profession Educator in Higher Education: The experiences of recently-appointed lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions.  Health Science and Practice Subject Centre, Higher Education Academy. (Funding from the Health Science and Practice subject centre of the HE Academy 12K).

Boyd, P. (2009) University of Cumbria: Peer Review of Teaching, Learning and Assessment in D. Gosling & K. Mason O’Connor (Eds.), Beyond the Peer Observation of Teaching. SEDA Paper 124. London: Staff and Educational Development Association, 29-35.

Bloxham, S. & Boyd, P. (2007) Developing Effective Assessment in Higher Education: a practical guide.  London: Mc Graw Hill / Open University Press.

Boyd, P. (2004)  Developing reflective skills: enhancing the use of assessment portfolios in a Foundation Degree, in Rust, C. (Ed.) Improving Student Learning:  Diversity and Inclusivity, Proceedings of the 2004 12th International Symposium,  Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development.

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